Saturday, January 20, 2007

unfortunately, I don't ski

I'm in Beaver Creek, Colorado. What a gorgeous place. Eric had a gallery opening last night and tonight. We got put up in a posh hotel by the gallery and fed superb food at fantastic restaurants. We brought PeeWee (of course, because I don't leave home without her) and Big Sister (because she needed a little spoiling and because she functions beautifully as a built-in babysitter). Big Sister and I shopped a little, messed around a lot, and went ice skating this afternoon. It's just as well that I don't ski, because I would have to sell one of my kids on eBay to afford lift tickets and equipment here.

I finished my wrap for the wrapalong-knitalong and I'm going to try to upload some pictures of it. This WiFi connection has been a little spotty, so we'll see...
Ta Da!!!! It worked! The colors are a little weird because I borrowed a camera from the gallery for this shot and I had to use a flash. I'll be home Sunday evening, and I'll get better pictures then.


Marly said...

Can't believe you were that close to me and we didn't get together! I am not that far, relativly, from Beaver Creek. Oh well, maybe next time. Got your message on being tagged (I feel so special) and I am going to write a post about it on Wednesday or Thursday.

Glad you had a lot of fun!


Mike Styles said...

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