Friday, January 26, 2007

baby sweaters! (or baby anything, really)

KNITTING FOR BABIES! Is there anything better? No, there isn't. It's the best. So we need a knitalong, don't you think? Yes, we do. I made a blog to go with it and everything! Now we just need some joiners. Anyone? Anyone want to join and show us what you're knitting for baby? Well, maybe it's just the three of us, but it's going to be AWESOME. TOTALLY. Maybe even TUBULAR!

Here's the link. Here's the button:

I had thought that I'd start with the Pea Pod Baby Set (because basically, it's the eponym and motivator of this KAL) for my little PeeWee, but then, fickle knitter that I am, I saw this! A Cardigan for Merry. I am a sucker for Lord o' the Rings-themed apparel. Did you see the clasp on the bracelet in my last post? I totally want to get another one and use it on a long elfin cape. (I know, I'm a Middle-Earth nerd, but I'm not afflicted nearly to the degree as dear Wendi, who tells me that she's probably so short from spending her adolescence as a Hobbit.) But I digress. Anny Purls is inspired. Her other baby (and adult, too!) knits are fantastic. Go look! So this baby cardi is what I'm going to do next, after I get the testalong-knitalong items squared (heh) away. But what yarn? Hmmm. Suggestions?

***Edited to add:

I was just pulling out my winter 2006 Interweave Knits magazine to look at the pattern for A Cardigan for Arwen, upon which the above-mentioned Cardigan for Merry is based. Guess what? I can't believe that I didn't note this before, but Arwen is designed by none other than Pea Pod Baby Set's designer, the august Kate Gilbert! Well tan my hide and fry me brown, as Abner's Ma would say. You may call me a fan, because I love her designs! Maybe we should rename this KAL as the Kate Gilbert fan-along.


Kristen said...

Valerie, I'm so excited about the KAL. Nice set-up. And what wonderful patterns! Yarn? That's a good discussion to start on the blog...I've been wanting to try some Rowan wool-cotton.

Marly said...

Let's Rock and Roll! Love the Button! How did you make that?

I am organizing my stash today and finishing three WiP that I Have to finish so I can start the sweater!

Oh..check out my blog today, you will be proud!