Monday, May 16, 2016

Job, schmob

I KNIT. I'M A KNITTER. I KNIT!!! (Anyone else have a mental picture of Bill Murray strapped to a mast as they read the foregoing declaration?) I know that there are many, many knitters out there who are gainfully employed outside of their homes, and yet they still manage to knit in their off-hours. I was not one of those people. In the past 8 years since I started working, I've been at a virtual crafting standstill. As I am currently between jobs, I seem to have gotten my groove back. Who needs a job when there is so much neglected yarn crying out for love and attention?
I present to you my first WIP completed in, um... a very long time. Boberly (my oldest daughter) pilfered some Noro Kureyon #170 from my hoard (intended in the distant past for a Lizard Ridge afghan) and started this seed stitch neck warmer, oh--probably 4 years ago--and now I've finished it. We shall call it Bob's Little Neck Warmer! I know. My skillz as a wordsmith leave you stunned and amazed. It was a lovely bit of TV knitting (Who else loves Jesse Stone? Ah, fond memories of spending nearly every bus ride home from 6th grade discussing the FINE qualities of Magnum, PI. Remember that, Kristine? Anywaysss... You should know if you click that Jesse Stone link, that the trailer gives a good taste of the visuals in the Jesse Stone movies, but for some reason they decided to use an edgy, driving beat, which is completely contrary to the feel of this series of made-for-TV movies. The music in the movies is haunting--and as gorgeous as the New England setting. But if you love Tom Selleck playing tough and taciturn, you don't need any other recommendation.) I finished the neck warmer off during Friday Movie Night--and then in a moment of weakness, I let Leeda (middle daughter) dye my hair to match. You see, in the intervening years between my last shoeless post and this one, I had abandoned my friend Miss Clairol and embraced my natural silvery state. I should have recalled from my wool-dying days of yore that this would provide a perfect canvas for the magenta dye. It's BRIGHT, people! Leeda assures me it's a "temporary" dye, but if I have a job interview come through this week, I might have to renew my relationship with Miss Clairol. Hmmm. I haven't missed her.