Sunday, September 21, 2008

my excuse for being a slacker

Guess what?!? I have a new thing to neglect while blogging. No, it's not another child. (Please, don't stick a fork in me--just take my word for it: I'm done.) It's homework! I've gone back to school and Holy Schnikey, I LIKEY. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy school. My kids think I'm nuts. What do they know? I'm challenging my brain and it is muy fantastico. I'm not sure if it will lead to more or less blogging. I'm pretty certain that there will be less knitting/spinning content, but I think there might be more philosophizing and generalized navel-gazing going on. In that last sentence, I managed to get a Z into 3 of the last 6 words. Huh.

Some spinning...

Crosspatch Creations Totally Tubular Spinning Kit: 4 ounces of fiber divided up into 12 little batts--a joy to spin. I used long draw for it all and I heart long draw. Combed fiber + long draw = a fluffy, fuzzy woolen-spun yarn. I don't know how many yards, but I think I'll make something lovely for my mother out of it for Christmas. (I think that's my urge with all my handspun because my darling mom is so appreciative of handspun. Love her.)