Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Here you see some merino top from Hello Yarn. It's called "Darling" and it is intruiguing. I'm still very amazed at how hand-dyed fiber changes completely when spun. My photos today are rather dark, but compare the ball of top with the singles on the bobbin. What a difference!

It's not all spinning around here. I do still knit. See? I've been working on this baby sweater meant for my PeeWee. I have knit, frogged, and reknit this left front 7 times. I've finally solved my little cable pattern problems and I think I may finish it in time for Kristen's new baby to wear in another year. Yes, you heard me, Kristen has a darling little baby boy! Yay!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

this time there's actually a picture

That will teach me to walk away from the computer in the middle of typing a blog post. I typed those few silly sentences, not actually intending to leave them, and then had to jump up and take care of something (we had a Bodily Function Day yesterday). Sometime later that night, I noticed that the Blogger window had been closed, but I figured that one of my helpful children had just exited the program. I didn't think that he or she would be ambitious enough to publish before exiting. I have such nice children. ;)

Here's a picture, then, of the fantastic Schacht Matchless spinning wheel that arrived on Friday (the 13th--a very lucky day, if you ask me--right Beans?). And here is one of my helpful children. She likes to make it go roundy, roundy. I promptly spun some roving from Wooly Wonka Fibers. It's Colombia/Merino cross wool in a color called "Rain". This wool is so crimpy and fuzzy. It didn't seem to want to be a spun terribly fine, so I went with it. I'm not used to thinking that I have multiple bobbins at my disposal and that I could spin half on one bobbin and then half on the other, then ply the two from the bobbins onto a third bobbin. So I just spun the whole 2 ounces onto one bobbin. I may just let it sit for a while and then use it to learn Navajo plying. Spinning Spider Jenny says that Navajo plying is easier if the twist in your single is set--either with time or steam. I'm the sort that is perfectly happy to let my single sit for a while. Besides I have three more bobbins! I'm going to spin some wool that my son gave me for my birthday next.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

look, a wheel!

It has arrived!!! I have my lovely, my precious, my Wheel o' Bliss and Serenity (that's WOBS, or Wobbie if I'm feeling playful).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

no knitting, just buttons

There has been no late-night knitting, just graphic design--such as it is. Since I've spent my time on it, I might as well show you. It's for my blogger friend Marly. She asked me to make her a button for her blog. I made a bunch. They're on my test site and tonight, I made a banner graphic. Here it are. Too bad the sheep's face is so small that you can't see the aghast look. Can sheep look aghast? Must sleep now.