Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oh blog, I've missed you in a vague sort of way. I was busy with school and didn't let myself think about you, but I've missed seeing your bright, shiny reflection of me (or at least the little part of me that is sometimes bright and shiny). I've missed the way that you represented that there was a slot of time in my day when I could sit at the computer and read blogs or type messages to you, dear neglected blog o' mine.

Oh well. There's nothing better for shaking off the lack-of-crafting blues than some crochet action, WOOO! It's hot pad season, or my name's not Sqeaky McRumple! Whatever--I'm still making hot pads, and what's more, I'm going to join a swap! Go look at this flickr group. The sight of these hotpads make the beams of my 1962 pseudo-ranch-style home vibrate with happiness. MMMMMMMMMMM.

Dear Ali asked a while ago, and I'll finally answer: School? I was going through a program at our local Vo-Tech college in Medical Assisting. I finished that up at the end of February and now I'm looking to join the ranks of the gainfully employed. You see, art sales are quite slow in a recession. My long-range plans are to work as a medical assistant for the next 3 years, then find a physician assistant program that will accept me, and eventually become a PA. There. Now it's all out there. I don't have an internet connection at home anymore, which is most of the reason why I haven't been on the blogs. I figured that since I have a little down-time while job hunting--I might as well renew myself with a little elixir-of-crochet. It was either that or laundry, and we all know how I feel about laundry...