Monday, July 24, 2006


There. I felt the need to put PeeWee on this blog. I also felt the need to add an entry because I have been experiencing that dreaded "me-too" feeling caused by visiting Shirlene's blog.

Today is Pioneer Day. In honor of the pioneers, I cleaned off my patio. Yahoo! I am feeling liberated and also slightly remorseful because I sent off the nifty, but very bedraggled 60's patio furniture that I got from my neighbor's estate sale. Something is prodding me to keep it, repaint it, and make new cushions for it. I must be realistic, however. In what century would that happen? Not this one. I will pass that project on to someone else. Sigh. Unexpected benefit: Joe and Ted have rediscovered the lovely, level expanse of cement and played broom hockey all evening on it.

Things that Paige said today: Mom! Mom-mom! Moooooom! Up. Num-num. More (sign). Please (sign). Shoe (sounds like "shhhhhh"). Woof. Moo. Quack (sounds like "kak"--it's my favorite animal sound that she makes--SO cute). Hi. Hi. Hi. Dad. Dad. Dad. Bye-bye (sounds like "die-die"). Lydia (Ya-ya). Ted (Ded). Joe (Doe). Bev (Bob). Kay-ko (the all purpose word--it means thank you, here you go, give it to me, I'm the cutest baby ever, etc.)

I dearly love all my children and each one is my favorite child, but this Paigey-bug has me bound up in ways that I can't explain. I think I've developed some extra nerve endings that are in her body.