Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Here you see some merino top from Hello Yarn. It's called "Darling" and it is intruiguing. I'm still very amazed at how hand-dyed fiber changes completely when spun. My photos today are rather dark, but compare the ball of top with the singles on the bobbin. What a difference!

It's not all spinning around here. I do still knit. See? I've been working on this baby sweater meant for my PeeWee. I have knit, frogged, and reknit this left front 7 times. I've finally solved my little cable pattern problems and I think I may finish it in time for Kristen's new baby to wear in another year. Yes, you heard me, Kristen has a darling little baby boy! Yay!!!!


Yarn Thing said...

Hey dear, nice to see you around these parts :-)

You really like to tease us with those pictures don't you? First it's the wonderful spinning wheel then it's the outstanding green sweater! What are you doing to me VAL? LOL

Hey, got a message from LittleKnits.com that your package is being sent...so you should be getting it before the end of the week!

Make sure you let me know what you think?


P.S Holy Crap, the word verification thing is like 10 letters long today? What is up with that?

Jean said...

Frogged and re-knit SEVEN times??!? Dang. Way to hang in there!

The color difference between the pre and post spun fiber really is interesting and remarkable.

Asa said...

Good for you for hanging in there on the sweater.


Shirlene said...

I love learning about anything that is "intriguing". I'd be intrigued by a lunch out with you--no yarn involved though.