Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Intentions

It has been many a year since I actually had the ambition to record any new year's resolutions. I still don't have the ambition for resolutions, but intentions? I can do intentions (as suggested by mamacate, by way of januaryone).

1. Go to bed when PeeWee does.

2. Get up and go to the gym in the morning. (I truly do enjoy working out, but it's going to take the accomplishment of #1 in order to see through #2.)

3. Reclaim the laundry room and surrounding area. This will require daily effort. Yes. Face it. You need to do laundry every day. Get over it already.

There. That's all. I think I'll have monthly evaluations of my intentions and as I get better at actually accomplishing things, maybe I'll get more ambitious! Maybe not. All I really want is for PeeWee to sleep through the night so I can. And maybe some guilt-free knitting/crafting time.
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How many have your name?

Only 12? It's that unusual spelling of my last name. If I were still using my maiden name, I'm guessing that there would be more like 300,000 people with my name. I'd better go see... (Beans, I bet you're the only one with your name--that's 'cause you're special.


Kristen said...

Well Valerie, you're more original than me! There are 32 with my name in the US. Congratulation on your originality, and good luck with the intentions!

Shirlene said...

I am a true original! Only me in the US with my two names added together! Hmmmm. Want some help with the laundry room? That room is where most of my talent resides, maybe because that is where I usually reside.

Beans said...

Hey! What do you know; I am special! Wow, there are not many Cabbages out there, less than 1000 in the U.S.! I love your intentions. You can do it! How about an interesting podcast to accompany your laundry time? Then you can look forward to listening/catching up on it. But don't let yourself listen unless you are doing the laundry! Happy New Year, Wowie. You're da best, and your creativity always inspires me. xoxo

Marly said...

OKay, this is your motivator and accountability partner better be in bed and getting up to work out. I know that you can do it..I know you want to do lets just do it :-)

Talk to you tomorrow.