Saturday, January 06, 2007

back in the saddle again

These are for the Socks 101 Knitalong.

They are my first socks ever! They were so fast to knit that I hardly had time to feel intimidated. Now I'm feeling obnoxiously overconfident and I'm eyeing one of Cookie A.'s fantastic patterns. Hedera maybe, or the new Monkey. I should probably actually knit some plain socks first. See these? I adore these socks. I'm a closet pinky-girly. They were knit by Cara from what I'm finding out is a wildly popular sock pattern called Jaywalker out of an equally wildly popular sock yarn called Socks that Rock. Will my usual vain need to think that I'm "original" keep me from knitting these socks? Probably not. It didn't stop me from joining in on the Meathead KAL.

I'm feeling grumpy today. The above mentioned Cara kindly gave me a letter for a letter-themed meme. In this meme, a person gets a letter from someone and then he/she has to list ten things, themes, theories, etc. in his/her life that begin with that letter. So what letter did I get? V--A truly wonderful letter. ;) The problem with feeling grumpy is that the only V words that are coming to mind are things like vanity, vexation, vegetate, verruca, and voluptuous. I'd better stop.

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