Friday, January 26, 2007


RESPONSIBILITY. Its a heavy word. I did not embrace it today. I am not embracing it even now. E is gone on a trip (another one-man show!) and I find myself staying up late, watching movies he wouldn't like and eating stinky cheese.

Today I didn't do any of this:

You all are so lucky that the battery in my camera pooped out. You've been spared highly embarrassing pictures of my kitchen sink and my family room. It's Julie's fault. She needed reassurance because she was suffering under the mistaken impression that I'm spending all sorts of time making stuff AND my house is clean. HAHAHAHAHAHA. You know me better than that, Julie.

So what else did I do today to avoid that stuff up there? First I did this.(But Mom, where did all your pretty sparkly silver hair go?)

And while I was at the salon, I finished this.It's Eric's Christmas scarf. [embarrassed tittering] Too bad he's gone to Aspen and doesn't have it.

Then I came home and finished up dyeing this. I used 3 packages of orange, 3 packages of tamarind, and one package of black cherry Kool-aid. It smells great. It's for the square-along, since I'm too selfish to use up any of the sock yarn I have for anyone else.

Then in the afternoon, I finished reknitting the meathead hats that were picked by Larissa for her book. I've been letting my kids wear them and the originals are all squirrely. I'll shoot photos of the do-overs tomorrow and get them sent off like I was supposed to two weeks ago.

Finally, tonight was my spinning class! I made the children a colorful, if not nutritious meal of Mac-o-cheese, pickles, and chocolate milk. Then I ran off to see what I could make of all that wool I washed in my bathtub. What did I make? My very first handspun yarn. Yay! I'm a little behind the rest of the class because I missed last week, but I've got a good start! We're learning first on drop spindles. In a couple of weeks we get to use wheels. Yeah baby.

P.S. There's a bead shop next door to the salon. I went in. I beaded. I love it. Can you see the bitty bee charm dangling there?

Today was a completely self-indulgent day.


Shirlene said...

You GO girl!

Marly said...

Good for you! With so many kids you need some time for yourself!