Monday, December 31, 2007

we are only occasional vegetarians

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Me-blogger-pal-Faith haz introduced me to the lolcats. Haz u seen dem?

That is my kid, I swear. (No, not really, but Joe would totally have done that when he was little if given the chance. He used to lick everything. He even licked a light post in the winter once--and we watch A Christmas Story every year, so it's not like he was surprised when his tongue stuck to the pole.)


Jean said...

I loves dem lolcats. "Oh Hai" and "I can haz?" have become deeply ingrained in the everyday conversations happening in this house. Happy New Year!

Eagle8x said...

Oh My God!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yeah, I'm a Lolcatz chick myself! Happy New Year;)

Lynn said...

It's all your fault! I had to subscribe to lolcats now. :)

Faith! said...

This site gives me the kinds of giggles that really, really hurt. Yaaaay lolcats!