Monday, December 17, 2007

lists help maintain the illusion of order

  • Camera: missing again and I'm peeved because I was almost ready to get her one for Christmas. (Did you hear that, Bob? Too late now!)
  • Christmas knitting: a little behind, but not too bad since I deleted 8 items off the list.
  • Other Christmas preparations: hahahahaha.
  • Herniation in the L4-5 discspace: doing much better.
  • PeeWee: wearing panties 'round the clock (YAY!!!!!!).

I really wanted to pad this post with a picture of the Brea bag that I'm making for my sister-in-law. It's waaaay cute. I think she'll like it. I'll probably have to make one for myself when the holidays are over, since I don't need to carry diapers in my purse anymore. Oh YEAH!

That is all.

Oh, all right--let's have the gratuitous shot of PeeWee. This is our farewell-to-nursing picture. Yes. She's done with that now, too. Sigh. My baby is such a big girl. I wish I'd had this handy camera when my other lovies were babies. There's so much about their infancies and early childhoods that has just faded into the void.


Kim said...

Oh that picture is so sweet it makes me want to cry. She is just such a sweet girl.
Love that Brea bag. I might have to make one too :)

Nell said...

YAY! PeeWee is in panties! Good job!!!

Tola said...

im glad to know my DD isnt the only teenager who kipes my camera to go take emo shots. i didnt buy her her own camera, but i did get her a 512 MB disk for it.

ali said...

More gratuitous PeeWee shots please! So sweet... Knitting is nice too, but the wee ones capture this mommy's heart!

What a big girl! What a great job Mommy!

Happy knitting-

music mom said...

So, what a good friend you were to offer to knit my bag handles when I was in a christmas knitting panic, and not even mention that you had several projects of your own that you were trying to finish!

Fun to read your blogs and see this side of you. Love your word of the day!