Monday, December 24, 2007

happy, merry, joyous

Dear readers, I hope this season of the year is full of happiness for you. Our family celebrates Christmas and I got this little finger puppet nativity set last year. I found it at a wonderful little store that carries handcrafted fair-trade items from around the world. The store is Ten Thousand Villages and their website says they have 160 retail locations in the United States. They are definately worth seeking out.

It's been a fun day here at the Shoeless household. A highlight of the evening would have to be when Little Bitty (7-year-old) was taking her turn reading a verse from the Bible on the birth of Jesus Christ. She read, "And suddenly there was with the angel, a multitude of heavenly ghosts..."


ali said...

Oh my goodness- the detail on those tiny finger puppets is simply amazing! Fabulous find!

Happy knitting-

Shirlene said...

I always knew there were heavenly ghosts hanging about. It takes a child to let the world in on the secret! Happy Holidays!

Joyce said...

Lotsa hugs coming your way, dear Val. I pray for you icky back every night, and frequently with meals.

Love the nativity! Love the ghosts!


Jean said...

The tiny knit nativity scene is adorable. That and the "heavenly ghosts" makes me remember a favorite story from our family. One year, when my brother was quite young, we were setting up the creche and he asked where the figure for Round John Virgin was. I hope you had a very, merry Christmas.