Tuesday, January 01, 2008

WIP it

This? This was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Yeah. My New Year's Resolution is to finish this and its mate before next Christmas. Really, I think I could finish both of them today, if I declare it a holiday...

Here you see the mostly-finished-first-half of a pair of convertible painting mittens for my darling, will-paint-in-any-weather husband. I know you're looking at this mitt and saying, "Is she married to a bear?" And I would just have to reply that you would not believe the size of his palms unless you saw them yourself. He also has rather short fingers, and he needs the little mitt-fingers to be short enough that he can use the sides of his fingers to get traction when opening paint tubes. Thus the dimensions of this mitt. I'll pick up stitches on the back and knit a mitten flap to cover his fingers that will be lined in some handspun alpaca/angora blend that I've carded together from fibers I got at Yarn School. That should do the trick. The gray yarn you see here is Araucania Nature Wool Chunky. I like this yarn a great deal. It has lovely kettle-dyed color variation and it's very sturdy--yet softer than you'd expect. I have enough of this same yarn in olive green to make a sweater for my honey. If I start next week, I could get it done by next Christmas, whadda ya bet?


Kim said...

I love that Val! I'm glad you used that yarn, I've wanted to get some, but wasn't sure how great it would knit up. Now I know :)

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love that gray so much!

Valerie said...

Happy New Year pal!!!

I LOVE it! The color is way cool. And great idea for your painter hubby. You're lucky!

ali said...

Hey there- hope your new year is off to a good start!
I've got a new contest going- stop by the blog and check it out... you could resolve to finish the other mitt this month (if you haven't already...)
Happy knitting-