Tuesday, March 06, 2007


First off, I found a picure of one of my first knitted baby sweaters. That's Lovey, proudly holding a sweet little design from Debbie Bliss' Quick Baby Knits. The yarn was a cashmere-merino blend that I'm sure got felted years ago by my sweet sister-in-law.

Yike. It's been over a week since I posted. In the beginning of this blog, I was determined to keep a separate journal for those things (you know, those things) that I wouldn't want on the wordly wibe web, but needed to get in print and out of my system. I have a couple of entries in that journal. The rest of those things have just faded away, and it's just as well because I'm trying to focus on the positive. Here are some examples of how darn optimistic I can be. Are you ready?

1) PeeWee has ear infections and slept fitfully last night--and I slept not at all. Right now she is dozing on the couch because I parked her in front of a Barney video so that I could go take a shower. Barney. Tsk. I know. Positive: I just had a shower! Wahooo!

2)I have often stated that I feel strongly about supporting the little independent local stored in my valley. I had to put my money where my mouth was (is?) when it came time to order my spinning wheel. (Yes! I'm getting a spinning wheel. Wheeee!) You see, websites like The Woolery and another spinning shop in Colorado called Bountiful Spinning and Weaving had the same wheel that I wanted for a GREAT below-retail price, plus bonus fiber just for ordering, plus free shipping with no sales tax, plus the wheel is IN STOCK. My lovely little favorite local fiber shop will get the wheel in 6 weeks for the regular retail price, plus shipping, plus sales tax, plus no bonus fiber. Sigh. The thing is, I just couldn't bear the thought of showing up for spinners' night (hosted by the fiber shop owner) with a wheel that I bought ON THE INTERNET. So. Positive: I'm getting a spinning wheel! I've done my part to ensure the continuing presence of a lovely little local fiber shop! I didn't even brag about what a saint I am for buying my wheel locally. Um--until now. That's okay--you three won't tell, right? ***ETA: Monica, if you ever read this, just don't mention it to me, okay?***

3)I can't seem to get myself to focus on one knitted item long enough to finish it before starting 3 other items. Positive:I have so many fun projects to choose from! I probably have a years' supply of yarn. Yes! I might need more unspun fiber, though. Maybe a sheep or two in the back yard...


Marly said...

I love your optimism!

You are a better woman than I am...I think I would have purchased it over the internet.

Gotta go to bed. Hope PeeWee is feeling better!


Shirlene said...

I would tell if I knew where the little local shop is planted. NOT.

One day, when grousing at the dryer buzzer because another load was awaiting my attention, my Dad told me to be optimistic and instead think -- "Wow! That is a cool buzzer. It is reminding me that my laundry is done and I didn't even have to look!" You've gotta love Dads.