Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay, calm down. It's not actually BIG NEWS about me. I'm just thrilling over the news that one of my favorite knitbloggers has just been named the new editor of Interweave Knits!!! Yes, Eunny Jang, that designer-knitter-writer extraordinaire, with her marvelous and brilliant knitting aesthetic will be directing my favorite magazine. I'm pleased, can you tell?

That last post, the one with the glamour shot of a cheese wedge, got the most comments ever! Seven! Is it the cheese? Is it the fact that Kristen commented twice? Is it my incomprehensible obsession with spinning? Speaking of spinning...If you start with this:
Elfin Snow Forest merino roving (3.39 oz) from NettieandTuddy.

Then you kinda pull it apart into strips, roll it up and get this:

Next you take one of these:
Wait--Wait!!! Was that spinning wheel? Why yes, it was. One of the ladies at spinning night on Friday took pity on me and brought me one of her 7 (seven!) spinning wheels to tide me over until mine arrives. How nice is that? Very nice.

Okay, then you take the wheel, give it a spin, stretch out that roving, let it twist, and then you get this:

See? I get to make my own yarn! Next, I get to knit it!! But first, I think there's a load of darks getting musty in the washer...


Jean said...

I'm delighted Eunny's taking over at IK, too! You're spinning looks great. I love the colors.

Margene said...

Look how nice your yarn is! Good going.

Kristen said...

1. The BIG NEWS is great!

2. Elfin Snow Forest is the coolest name for a colorway! And beautiful...

3. Who has seven spinning wheels? Is it a warning to me not to start that particular addiction because you're sorely tempting me.

4. Amazing! Beautiful yarn! Is it plyed already? Parts of it look like it is. It's amazingly even! But my real question is, how did you get each portion of the colorway to line up on the spindle like that?