Friday, March 30, 2007

dawn of a new day

I am a new woman. PeeWee slept for 7 hours last night. I just might conquer the world today. I'm also back on the computer because I scavenged a keyboard to take the place of the Cordless Wonder keyboard. What happened to the Cordless Wonder? A few days ago, PeeWee threw it to the ground and then jumped on it. Do you think she was trying to send me a message? Hmmm. It worked. I had to go cold turkey and haven't read any knitting blogs since Tuesday! It was very good for me.

About a month ago I asserted that I had developed some self-control and was limiting myself to 15 minutes of reading blogs per day. Hahahahaha. That lasted for about a week. I gradually slipped off the wagon until I was lying on the side of the trail. Thanks to PeeWee's intervention, I sprinted to the front of the wagon train and caught up with the laundry. I CAUGHT UP WITH THE MOUNTAIN OF LAUNDRY! I even had time to knit--and spin! I lived my own life. How about that. I won't bore you with my self-analysis of why I'm avoiding my responsibilities and letting myself spend so much time in other people's "lives" as represented by their blogs. I will just say this: I think that sleep deprivation is at the core of the issue. Is it really that simple? Yes. Why? Because I decided it is.

Now that I've confessed all, I can talk about my sock. My first real sock! I started out with the 2x2 rib sock that's in Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. I don't like knitting ribbing in the round very much, so after 1-1/2 inches, I changed to stockinette in the back and a leafy rib in the front. After knitting the heel, I switched to 2x2 rib on the instep and stockinette on the sole. It's a little slouchy around the ankle--I should have kept the 2x2 rib on the back of the leg. And I wish I'd continued the leafy rib on the instep. I love it anyway. I'm going to knit the second one the same way, much as it pains me to not make the needed improvement on the ankle. I took a gazillion pictures of it with my foot angled every which way. I discovered that there is no flattering way to capture an image of my, um, shapely ankle. I broke it on a skateboard when I was 12. Yeah, it has nothing to do with any subcutaneous adipose tissue. The invisible-high-heel look was my favorite, although it accentuates the baggy ankle.

I finally plied the Elfin Snow Forest merino roving from Nettie and Tuddie. It's just a regular two-ply. (I had thought about doing chained singles--Navajo plying-- but I decided I couldn't wait until I had someone to properly show me how to do it. This little video clip on the Joy of Handspinning website is helpful, but I want to see someone do it in person.) I LURVE IT! If it hadn't been wet last night (to set the twist), I'd have slept with it.

It has some strange, nubbly areas and you can see that my spinning is still quite uneven, though getting finer. I'm thinking of knitting an Argosy scarf out of it, though it might be a little bulky for that.

Or, I could hang the yarn in PeeWee's room by the two Max Hammond paintings at the top of the post. PeeWee likes to hug the yarn, stroke it, and say, "Pitty-arn!" Where does she learn these things?


Jean said...

If you're saying there's something wrong with spending gross amounts of time reading the blogs, I'll just put my fingers in my ears and say, "la la la la la" to you. LOL. The sock and spinning look wonderful. And seriously, I'm glad you got some sleep.

Kristen said...

Sleep! It's amazing, isn't it? I think it's a very valid excuse for any failing. Congratulations on 7 WHOLE HOURS!

I love that picture of PeeWee, yarn and art. I love the paintings! And the yarn!! It's fantastic! You made that!

And Congratulations on your first sock. I'm inspired.

Well, I'm inspired to try to kick at my mountain of laundry....

Faith! said...

I love that plied yarn, it's so lovely. I am a brand new fan of your blog- the aesthetics are perfect!

Marly said...

I am in LOVE with the green yarn! I think Green is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors.

I have missed you in blog land girlfriend! Hope you come around more often.

As for your ankles...I have the same problem only mine is with my right one and I have only sprained it severely like two hundred times. OH well, it gives character, right?

OH, LOVE the art on the walls. You did that? Amazing you are, simply amazing :-)


P.S. I am serious about you designing a button for me Chica! You know, when you get a chance :)

Nell said...

That's great yarn! I love the color.

ali said...

Wow, as someone who only naps for very short intervals every night... I'm envious...
My nursing wee one still wakes up at least every 2 hours, she'll be 5 months old on Saturday...
This too shall pass- eventually- in the meantime I know that sleep deprivation and the way it sucks all the enrgy and motivation right out of your being... at least it does mine.
Anyway, yay for the sleep, and for catching up on the laundry, I'm still working on mine, making progress though! yay!

Happy knitting,

ali said...

PS- hope it's okay if I add a link to your blog!