Friday, March 09, 2007

of course, cheese is always a safe topic

The camera. It went missing again. It has been found, again. This time there was an incriminating 3-second video clip that proved it had traveled covertly to the middle school. The offending camera gremlin has been reprimanded and sentenced to a month of solo dish-duty. She's pretty pissy about the whole affair. Sorry. I used a vulgar word there. I just can't think of a better way to describe a 13-year-old's mixture of outrage and embarrassment. Mom taught me better than that, didn't she Beans? I should be able to come up with something pithy. Pissy. Pithy. Heeheehee. I make myself giggle sometimes, usually late at night when I should be in bed. Oh, like right now! But I can't sleep, you see because I'm thinking about...The Spinning Wheel o' My Dreams!

Yes, a single-treadle Schacht Matchless spinning wheel. (Why single-treadle? I like being able to treadle with one foot at a time, if I wish. Have I already said that?) Only 5 more weeks to go until it's here in my very own home. Tomorrow is spinning night at the Lovely Little Local Fiber Shop--Oh all right! It's Rumpelstiltskin, okay? Now I've named names, I might as well say the the owner is named Monica and she's a lovely woman and a great spinning teacher and all that hooey I said last time that made me sound irritatingly noble about "buying locally" is just so that I can keep going to spinning night without feeling horrible for showing up with a wheel that I could have gotten from her, but didn't. Marly, I am not a better woman than you, I'm just way too worried about what other people think of me. I think we need a change of subject. How about some cheese?

Aged Cardona from Carr Valley Cheese in Wisconsin. This is a fantastic cheese. It's an aged goat cheese, firm but not crumbly, nutty and sweet and just right. It's pleasantly sharp and has those great crystals that I've noticed in other favorite aged cheeses (most notably Parmigiano Reggiano) yet it feels nice and smooth on the tongue.

I did manage to get a teeny bit of knitting in while PeeWee was sick. She's all better now, which is wonderful. I appreciate her good health much more than I did/do with my other kids. I hate it when she's sick because I tend to run through all the worst case scenarios in my head when she starts looking poorly. Anyway--Knitting! I should post a picture of the sweater I'm knitting for PeeWee, but I'm thinking of submitting it to Knitty and they require designers to keep mum about designs until publication. So since I'm SUCH an optimist, I'm just going to talk about it, but not show it. Boring. I know. Well, I'm done with the back of Sweet Pea. I've cast on for the right front and it's going FAST. I love little pieces--they make me feel like I'm getting a lot done. Monica (who's Monica? see above) mentioned in passing that she only gets about 2 hours of knitting is each day. ONLY! Harumph. I get 20 minutes. Yep. I've been keeping track for the past couple of weeks and I average 20 minutes of knitting per day. On a good day, I can get in a half-hour. It's a good thing that I can see the positive side of things and can mumble "times and seasons" to myself, or else I might be tempted to box lovely Monica about the ears with her favorite mahogany nostepinde.


Margene said...

Congrats on your future wheel! I'm so happy to be the one who helped you see the light in the vortex ;-)

Jean said...

Good luck with the Knitty submission! That would be so cool. Stay optimistic!

Marly said...

That cheese looks scrumptious! I hate waiting for things; don't you. My husband tells me that if it is worth waiting for then that means you really want it and it is not just an impulse buy. Granted he tells me this when I am telling him about a great sale at the LYS. Do you think he is trying to imply something? I don't know :-)

Can't wait to see your design in Knitty! I really want to get good enough to design and submit something. Right now I am just designing but not really confident enough to submit. Soon though, very soon.

Gotta go...Caden is DESTROYING the play room. Can I get a break?


Beans said...

Are we related? :}

Okay, I won't tell about your, um, language.

Someday I hope I find within me some artsy fartsy creative gene, although at times I truly believe all such traits skipped me to give you a double portion!

I do not understand this need to spin??? Sigh. Glad it makes you happy! xoxo

Kristen said...

5 more weeks?! Sigh. It's a good thing you've got good cheese to get you by. I think we all ought to have a virtual cheese and knitting party. We could all buy some good cheese, pick a project, and stay up too late getting more than 20 minutes of knitting in. Of course...I can't eat cheese right now. That must be what is inducing tears and grumpiness!

Shirlene said...

Sad to say, but the 13-yr. old "attitude" (I prefer to not repeat your choice of word) will surely last until about age 15 1/2. Been there, done that--twice--and holding my breath through number 3. Not too bad yet, as #'s 1 & 2 are here to box her ears if she succumbs to adolescence idoisies! The boys are a different story for a different day.

I also do not "get" the spinning thing, but choose to be a supportive and enthusiastic friend about the event!

Kristen said...

Oh, and I forgot to comment on the camera theft! At least you're not going crazy, and you get a month of dishes done! I think I need older children to I really didn't mean that. I don't need bigger problems! I'm glad you caught the culprit, though.