Thursday, February 22, 2007

sublime Sweet Pea

I can't find my camera, so we'll have to go strictly verbal with this today. I have been making up my own design for the Pea Pod KAL. I've been swatching my little heart out for what I've decided to call the Sweet Pea. After running through some merino from Rumplestiltskin's, some Classic Silk from Yarn Today, and some (desperation) Peaches and Creme from the little old King's store downtown, I finally found My Yarn. It's Sublime (how perfect that My Yarn should be named with one of my all-time favorite adjectives) and it is machine washable Extrafine Merino Wool DK. Does life get better than this? I think not!

I actually did 2 inches of the Sweet Pea with the Classic Silk and then abandoned it completely once I saw the Sublime yesterday afternoon. Yarn Today had just gotten it in and they have every color in the DK line. SO BEAUTIFUL. It's distributed by Knitting Fever and you can see it and the patterns they have to go with it here. In the fine print of the label it says "Sublime, a division of Sirdar Spinning Ltd." and they have redeemed themselves from the awfulness of Snowflake by coming up with this sproing-a-licious machine washable yarn. Did I mention that it's machine washable? After trying to tell myself that I really did like the (not machine washable) Classic Silk, the contrast between knitting unforgiving silk/cotton and lovely, resilient wool is all the more apparent. And machine washable? It makes me want to knit a whole closet full of kids' knits and write a book to sing its praises. I will call it "What a Mom Wants and What a Mom Needs; 25 Sublime Machine Washable Designs for Children". I heart Sublime.

Would it be bad etiquette to grab a picture of Sublime from Sirdar and post it? I'm doing it. Just watch me. See that color? That's what I'm using for Sweet Pea.


Marly said...

Can't wait to see it.


P.S. You must have sent the coodies down here because I have been dealing with sick Kids all week.

Jean said...

Oh, my. How has Sublime never been on my radar? I love your Sweet Pea color. I'm also seriously lusting for the lacy cardi in that color. Thank you (I think?) for bringing this to my attention. Great book idea!