Thursday, February 08, 2007

spinning my wheels

Tonight was the last spinning class. I've been so excited all week to go try out all of the spinning wheels. I finally got the hang of the drop spindle (haha, I just noticed my pun) and I thought I was doing pretty well until I got to class tonight and tried treadling at the same time. Hooo daddy. I'm pretty bad at it. My teacher had six different wheels for us to try. I tried the $350 wheel. I couldn't even get the kinky glob of wool to go onto the bobbin. I tried the $450, the $525, and the $650--no dice.

I was dejectedly slumping on the cute little spinner's stool, when I raised my eyes just long enough to notice that sweet, quiet, unassuming Alex (easily the worst drop-spinner in the class) was busy putting up beautiful lace-weight on the gigantic 30-inch Saxony wheel. Yep. She looked up and saw my wistful (okay, maybe 'slightly hostile' is a more accurate term) gaze and said, "You've got to try this wheel! It makes it so easy!" She jumped up and insisted that she was done. I dragged my pathetic self over to the giant and gave it a whirl (well, actually a treadle) and what do you know? It worked! I spun! I'm going to have to retract that last sentence and say, rather, that IT spun. And it spun like buttah. The treadle motion was so easy and smooth that I was finally able to forget my feet and get my hands to work.

The price of the 30-inch colossus? You don't wanna know. I wish I didn't know. Possibly I could buy it in two years if I sneak the grocery money into a secret account and just feed the family ramen noodles. Twelve hundred and fifty dollars. Yep. One-two-five-oh. My spinning teacher kept comparing wheels to cars, pointing out that a Saturn and a Rolls Royce will both get you to your destination...BUT I WANT THE ROLLS! ARRRRRGH!

So to make myself feel better, I bought some yarn. Yes, of course it was a good idea. No, I don't think that putting the yarn money into the aforementioned secret account to save for the Rolls is a better idea. Hm. Well, I've already wound one hank into a ball and I'm swatching so it's too late to take it back. Besides, this pattern speaks to me. The yarn sings to me. I'm being lulled back to my happy place just thinking about it. I'm going to post the picture and then go finish my swatch. I know it looks a rather nubbly, but you should feel it--it's so smooth and silky. Ahhhhh.

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Marly said...

Nice to see you again *she said with a smile* Cool spinning story...I havn't tried to spin yet but it is on my list of things to do in the next couple of years. Have to wait for the kids to get a little older you know.

Cool Yarn too! Can't wait to see the swatch. Speaking of are so diligent. I usually just go balls to the wall with my far it hasn't got me into trouble. But I haven't knit a sweater yet either.


OH...I started a podcast. I really don't know what I am doing but I guess I will figure it out while I go. Did you get my email?