Monday, February 12, 2007

preview of coming attractions

Yes, this is Short Attention Span Yarn Theater. Coming soon to a foot near you, Shoeless Knitting presents a Valerie production of a of a Cat Bordhi design, Star Trekking, a Sock in Motion.

**The next selection is for mature audiences only.**

After months of consideration, the producers of The Booby Square have elected to release this most scintillating sneak-preview. Abandoned for years in the bottom drawer, lonely Lottawool Yarnball finds her way through the perilous thrift store yarn bins and travels to find her destiny in a sizzling-hot dye pot. In the hands of the Knitting Madame, she becomes The Booby Square.

Okay, I can't think of any more clever movie references for the rest of this, and I need to go pay attention to the great hulking pile of dirty you-know-what that needs to be sorted into lights, mediums, darks, baby items, delicates, and things-that-need-to-be-aggressively-bleached. So here is the rest of my week-end knitting. You must agree that I have a rather short attention span. FOCUS, that's what I need. I think I'll finish the Silky Wool swatch first. This yarn is luscious.

This log cabin square is for Kristen's peanut. I was going to do a big ole log cabin baby blanket but I pooped out. I've recruited some friends o' Kristen to make more 8-inch squares out of this Cotton Fleece. I love these strong colors. I think my boys might need some afghans out of this yarn. (Yes, I know I'm delusional. I enjoy it. Dreaming up the project is 2/3 of the fun for me.)

I can't even show you the 4 swatches that I did on Saturday for the Pea Pod KAL because I ripped them all out. I'd better figure out my yarn for that one before PeeWee is too big for it.

The embarrassing thing is that these are only the works-in-progress that I'm willing to let out of the closet. Maybe I'll admit to some more next Monday.


Jean said...

The Booby Square seems very timely what with Valentine's right around the corner. Tee hee hee.
The log cabin colors are wonderful, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Love the blanket for Kristen! Is she having a boy or girl do you know? YOu have just about as many WIP as I do. You have probably noticed all mine on the side of my blog.

OKay, talk to you later.


Kristen said...

Where do I start? So many beautiful pictures!

But I have to rave about the fantastic, wonderful, cheerful, interesting, lovely colors for a quilt for my little one. I love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The silky wool is beautiful. I just finished a scarf from Knitty that called for that yarn, and it was beautiful there too. Won't it be nice to make yourself something? What size needles are you using?

Works in progress are great, aren't they? Sometimes it's fun to finish stuff, but sometimes it's fun to know you always have somthing you can work on!

Kristen said...

How could I have left out a comment on the Booby square? Has no one asked where the name came from? Is it just that obvious? I blush everytime I remember... :-)