Sunday, June 17, 2012

comforts of home

Internet. At. Home. (P.S. And it's not dial-up!!!!) First thing I did? Surfed Ravelry for about, I don't know--two hours, probably. Next, I found that most of the knitting blogs I used to read are gone. Did we stop knitting or did we just stop having the time (or urge, or internet access, or...) to write about it? Hmmm. Anywayssssss...

I'm not currently knitting anything. I should amend that: I am not currently making any progress on the 21 or so knitted works-in-progress that are strewn about my home. I am, however, crocheting an hexagon block afghan out of Kroy Socks FX in gorgeous reds/oranges/greens (colorway "Clover"). It is a complete copycat of a project I saw on Ravelry, made by someone with the handle of Princess Froglips. I think that she might be the lost twin sister my parents couldn't bear to mention. Not only does she have chihuahuas, yes, but we also look eerily similar. Okay, it's true that I've never had a chihuahua, nor am I likely to ever have one, but my daughter's BFF has one named Bella! See? We are cosmically linked and I am making an afghan exactly like hers. Exactly.  

I average about 5 blocks per week. It's a join-as-you-go pattern based on Hexagon How-To by Lucy of Attic24 I find her projects charming and I adore that she has a camping trailer which she is covering in juicy multi-colored crochet. Love.

After I discovered last fall that I could blog from my phone, I also soon discovered that I really don't have that much to say, if my thumbs are doing the talking. Now that my whole hands are involved in the typing, there's so much to catch up on! Have I mentioned my loom? No, I don't actually know how to use it. Soon though, very soon. After all, I have YouTube at my disposal now. Woohooooooooo! And I hear that Dance Moms episodes are on there. Yeah.


Faith said...

Oooooh a loom! Get going on that - I can't wait to see what you come up with! Awesome to hear from you lady. You made my day!

Kristen said...

You're back you're back you're back!!!!!

Yeah! I've missed you and your blog. So glad you have Internet. Hope you get time for that loom too. I've been dreaming of weaving lately. I think you're contagious.