Tuesday, June 24, 2008

some summer spinning

Spun on my Schact Matchless using long draw!!! (I love long draw.) It's dreadfully underspun and SO fuzzy. It was a bit of a fight to spin because it was a barely-blended batt and the chunks of silk, mohair, wool, and soy silk didn't always want to get along while drafting.

Kind of a boring post, but there we are. Maybe I could add in some personal details...things like: We have rabbits in our back yard and they ate my eggplant plants. I'm peeved. They haven't touched the tomatos yet, at least there's that. I hurt my back again. I'm infatuated with crochet; it's fast. I tried to knit a baby sweater for a new little niece while I was on a 10-hour road trip to a funeral a couple of weeks ago. It was a dismal failure. I backed into a parked car last night. PeeWee is piteously proclaiming, "I need foooooood!" So is Joe. So is everyone. I've fallen out of love with food. I used to love food. I used to love to cook. I'm tired of it. I think I need a private chef. Yeah, that would do it. Maybe Bob will do it... Okay, enough of the daydreaming, they're starting to gnaw on my ankles.


Nell said...

Pretty yarn!!!

Try take out for a few nights. Then you'll like cooking again!

Joyce said...

Hey, girlfriend
We are having strange parallel experiences. I backed into a John's car last Sunday. A rabbit ate the bark off my Chinese maple and killed it. I love crochet, but now want to knit. No children are whining for food at my house, but Larry gives me pitiful looks and tries to look emaciated. My solution is to leave cookies and chips sitting on the counter, and buy a home defibrillator.