Friday, June 27, 2008

mustard pickles

I dyed some of the mountain of superwash merino I have hiding in my closet. I actually dyed this about a year ago with PAAS Easter egg dye tablets and it was gross. The pinks and blues ran together and made a muddy lavender--and I mean MUDDY. I decided to overdye it with a huge dose of yellow. The yellow turned out--as perhaps you can tell--not ochre, not sunshine, but rather PEE yellow. The splotches of green might save it, though. The color name for it shall be Mustard Pickles--either that or Poopy Diaper. Well, at least I had fun with the dyeing process.

I sent some to a friend and I'm going to spin the remainder soon (after spinning the Toxic for the Snaky Blanky, of course!) and see what happens. This could be very exciting. In my world, yes, this is big excitement. Shut up.

My mother made the best mustard pickles when I was young. I need to find her recipe and make some this year. Did I mention the ravenous bunnies in my back yard? I have no more carrots. The beans are gone. They don't seem to care for the zucchini, onions, or tomatoes. My kids have named the rabbits. So much for the tragic and horrible fate that I had planned for them to meet (the rabbits, not my children). There's one named Mr. Cinnamon Boots. See my problem?


Nell said...

Yeah- I think Mr. Cinnamon Boots is here to stay!

Kim said...

Oh no! Blasted rabbits. I have lots of carrots, I will share. But still, I know, it's very disappointing when you're working so hard just have some little varmit come and destroy it! >:(

Shirlene said...

'bout time you got back in the blogging saddle! Lovely yarn, by the way.

SweetPea Fibers said...

V, I love the Mustard Pickles you sent me! A fiber-luvin friend of mine was droolong over it, too. When I first got it I thought it was a Hello Yarn sampling! (huge compliment) We both really like the bits of purple that are tucked in there. I just need to figure out how to get some spinning time in now.

=) Felicia

ali said...

I'm not a fan of mustard by any means, but now I want to see that stuff spun up, and then knit up!

One of these days... I shall learn to spin...

Happy knitting-

ali said...

Soooo, how did it spin up?
And how are the bunnies?
And how are you?!?

Hope all is well with you and yours,
Happy knitting-