Saturday, December 02, 2006

big decision

As I rocked PeeWee to sleep tonight, I came to a "conclusion". I must change the name of my blog. "Barefoot" just does not represent "me" or at least the "knitting me" since I am consumed with the desire to knit socks. Then there's that other little urge that I have to put a disclaimer after "barefoot" that says "but not pregnant"--but that would be stupid. So I have made a "big decision"--I will return to my roots and go back to "shoeless", since that is my desired state of being--and it is winter and I'm currently wearing slippers.

Way too many quotation marks...

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Marly said...

You could always play it off like you are shoeless so you can show off your gorgeous knitted socks. Let's try and think of a catchy phrase for you. I do like the one you have right now though...How about: Shoeless: because the socks have taken over? Is that stupid?

Oh well, love your blog!