Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

Clapotis! (I'm probably the 57th knitter to start a post that way.) I joined the Clapotis Second-Wave KAL a few months ago and, thanks to my infirmity ("No, honey, I can't get you a roll of toilet paper. I have to lie here on the couch and knit rest my back.") I'm finally working on it. I like to knit on it in bed, falling asleep with it clutched to my bosom.

The yarn is the Mountain Colors yarn that I dyed at the beginning of October at a Mountain Colors dye workshop hosted by my LYS. I love the knitting and I love the feel of the wool, but I'm not sure that the color lives up to my expectations. I might over-dye it with blue after I'm done knitting.

I'm twisting the stitches (on either side of the dropped stitches) on both the knit and purl rows. I'm also just doing a purl stitch to mark the to-be-dropped stitches, instead of using markers.


Tina - Ladydove said...

Yipee! I *just* finished knitting a clapotis too. (darn Kim!) I used 2 yarns, a cream and then a long changing colorway from Jojoland.com.
But, it was a bit short and I realized with a baby, stoles don't stay up well on me. It was either hold the baby, or fix the shawl all the time. So I turned it into a shrug, and did a tiny bit of crochet around the edges. It's interesting. I'm not sure of the color myself. I also did the twisted on both sides (having done it the other way before) and used purl stitches, and markers. I've been thinking a triangle shawl might be cool. You can kinda see what a triangle shawl would look like from your picture. If we just kept increasing and increasing it would turn into a bottom up shawl. On the last row, drop all the stitches and bind off. Hmmm. I know you probably won't be able to make it to knitting night but sure wish you could. Hugs.

Jean said...

I really like the colors of your yarn. But isn't that the cool thing aboug dyeing? If you don't like it, you can still tweak it. Sorry you back is still bothering you.

Kim said...

Ooh I love that Val! I had hoped you'd be feeling better...I need to call you.
I absolutely adore that...can't wait to see it done :)

ali said...

I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to knitting a clapotis myself, but I sure hope I do get around to dyeing some yarn one of these days!
Happy knitting-