Saturday, October 13, 2007


My amazing secret pal has TOTALLY spoiled me. Look. Just look at this. LANTERN MOON!!!!

This is a beautiful needle organizer, a lovely needle sleeve (perfect for the pair of ebony Lantern Moon needles I got in the Jimmy Beans prize pack), a darling soap, adorable stitch markers, and a pretty note pad. Thank you Pal! After opening your package and recovering from the wonderful surprise, I upended my ratty needle tote bag and put all my needles in the roll. I love it--Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Indians and Red Sox have just gone into extra innings. What a game. I love baseball. It's the perfect complement for knitting. I thought of calling this hat the Swirly Hat (yes, I'm not terribly imaginative--it's the same swirly pattern as PeeWee's Swirly pullover), but I think it might get called the ALCS hat. Cleveland and Boston have the same colors, have you noticed? And they both match the hat. It's knit from my handspun, a bulky 2-ply spun from 4 ounces of Hello Yarn handpainted merino top called "Darling".

PeeWee is wearing panties now. She does really well with tinkling, but we've been having problems with the solid matter. She likes to go hide in a sheltered location and work her magic, emerging with a surprise in her pants. Sigh. I can't be too upset. There was a time that we thought the nerves controlling bladder and bowel function had been messed up by the neuroblastoma tumor. I'm just so glad that she can poop when she wants to--it doesn't seem to matter very much whether it's in my closet or the toilet. She's cuddling and watching baseball with Eric right now, poking her fingers in his ears and up his nose.


peaknits said...

I love the hat - I think I have to link to it from my blog since I am so excited about my new handspun - nice job coming up with this pattern! Good luck with the #2 for PeeWee - both of my daughters, the 2-year-old still, like to hide behind something and do their business - "get out, mama!" It's funny until they are 4 right? :)

Tola said...

turning the heel on the second corn sock. the band concert is thursday night at 730pm. DD tells me she wants to be at the school at 630, which means only a few minutes at knitnight. sit by you at the concert?

ali said...

Potty training is so much fun, isn't it?! My kids have all been so different...

That is some serious secrat pal business you got goin' on there! What fun! Enjoy it all!

Happy knitting,

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Omar Cruz said...
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