Tuesday, July 31, 2007

power to change

***Whoops! I just realized that I jumped the gun and picked the winner a day early. If anyone missed entering for the froggy and sock yarn and still would like to send me an email, I'll give away more yarn tomorrow on the proper deadline. If no one else enters, I think I'll pick another prize winner anyway. It's fun. :D

I really like the Random Number Generator. The last time I picked a prize winner, I discovered that I have to do the same thing that I do with stoplights. When I'm driving along and approaching a stoplight, I have to say out loud, "I'm going, I'm going, okay NOW I'm going!" And up until the moment I say NOW, I will stop if it turns yellow; after that point, I have passed the point of no return. What's the official term for it? You know, the words they use for when you've gone past the point where you have enough fuel to fly back where you came from... ?? The Point of No Return? (Would that be the PNR in military jargon? I have a brother in the Air Force, for crying out loud; I should know these things!)

Anyway, I could sit (and have sat) for an embarassingly long time, hitting the "Again!" button and asking for new numbers to be generated, just for the fun of seeing what will pop up. So when I selected the prize winners last time, I had to say, "I'm picking, I'm picking, okay NOW I'm picking!" Please don't let this distress you as to whether the choice is truly random. We are assured by the Random Number Generator website that each number is truely random--like atmospheric noise, they say--and not just produced from a mathematical formula. (Speaking of randomness, and to confuse you, I have a random picture of yarn to spice up the story. This is Hello Yarn Fiber Club's May selection, 5 ounces of Blue-Faced Leicester wool, called "Cricket". I got 297 yards of worsted weight 2-ply yarn out of it. I think it's the most beautiful, gentle, sublime mix of colors I have ever seen in wool. It's softly spun and very fluffy. I can't wait to knit it.)

Tonight, to choose the winner of the froggy and sock yarn, I said, "I'm picking, I'm picking, okay N--aaaarh!" Because the power went out just as I was going to get the final number. Grrrr. It's just as well. Now I can go into it fresh and just say that the first number is the one (won!). I can play around with more numbers later... (Another random picture of yarn: Boberly is knitting a hat out of one of the new colors of Noro Silk Garden. I'm not sure of the color number, but there's some very bright pink in there! Doesn't it make a pretty flower? She saw this yarn at the LYS on Saturday and asked if I'd teach her to knit a hat. She's only done flat knitting up until now. I think she's quite impressed with herself, and she's smitten with the Silk Garden. I know I am.)

Back to the Random Number Generator (that would be the RNG): The winner is...Number 2!!!! (Hang on, I've got to go look at the emails and see who that is.) It's Nell of Chicken Knits! Yay Nell!

Little Lovey PeeWee (that's LLPW) has started sleeping through the night! (Hallelujah!) Not every night, but about every other night. The other nights she has been waking up at odd intervals and shouting things like "I NEED IT!" She's a funny little bird. She finally let me take pictures of her in the Presto.

I have to admit that I'm very disappointed in how the neck fits her. She has skinny little shoulders, but I think that the pattern needs a serious edit to bring the neck opening in closer on the 24-month size. If anyone reading this happens to be knitting the bigger size, I'm going to contact Jimmy Beans and see if they wouldn't mind letting me tweak the numbers to fix it. If you've already knit it, you have my sincerest apology. I didn't realize until I actually knit the 24-month size that increasing the neck opening at the same rate as the body width would come out this way. The 6-month size will be unchanged; I think it's fine as is. The 12-month and the 24-month size neck openings will be changed to be the same measurement as the 6-month. (They will all have 17 stitches cast off for the neck opening.) The front panel will be the same width for all three sizes, just increasing in length as needed for each size. (This was Jean's brilliant suggestion when I presented her with the problem.) I'm sorry I'm such an amateur. Tsk. I'll do better next time!

Can you hear her? Can you hear LLPW singing her favorite song? It's by Laurie Berkner: Boots, boots, B-O-O-T-S!


woolydoodles said...

I love the pics of PeeWee in her Presto chango! I've now got my cotton yarn to knit one for my friend that's expecting in October. She loved the idea of the panel...can't you patent it????
Glad you are ok.
If I've not missed out can you put me in your second draw pls??
Hope to hear from you soon
Take care
Love n hugs
Mel x

Nell said...

YAY! I'm so excited I won. Thank you so much!!!

And PeeWee looks too cute in that sweater.

Lynn said...

The sweater is adorable but I'm in love with the yarn you spun. Those colors are so soft and subtle..it's nice after so many bright in your face kinda yarns..which I love too!

Faith! said...

That action shot is precious.

Tola said...

are you coming to YT's knit night tonight?

Sara said...

I love the sweater and I'm so glad that your sweet PeeWee is doing so well now. I do have a question though, I am currently working on the sz 24 mo and I am not sure I understand correctly - when working on the sleeve (after binding off the 17 stitches for the neck area - as per your revised instructions), do I continue to make the sleeve 12 inches? It seems like that is going to be a very wide sleeve - please let me know what I am missing... Thank you

Silja Devine said...

I really like that Presto chango! Your peewee is so adorable in those pics!

Jean said...

Pee Wee is so cute and those are fabulous pictures! I got my new IK and was delighted to see you and Presto Chango featured on the Jimmy Beans Wool add. Congrats, again!

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

PeeWee looks adorable in the Presto Chango, and I think it looks great on her even though a little big. I'm sure it's nice and comfy.

I've heard you, and the gang on the Podcast. I love feeling like I'm hanging out with you all. :)

ali said...

Love the boots! (Oh yeah, and the sweater and its little model, too!)