Thursday, August 17, 2006


This morning I was trying to explain to Eric why I often stay up WAY too late at night. He totally understands my need to have time to think my own thoughts. I figured he would relate. So as I was thinking about this idea of "thinking my own thoughts", I realized that part of why I feel deprived of the opportunity for introspection is that I have no record of it. I have not regularly written in any sort of a journal since I was 20. That's 16 years ago, people! A lot has happened in those years and I can't remember most of it. It's time for a life-change.

So here comes the deluge. Shirlene, if you read this, I'm sorry to present this to the viewing public, yourself included, but it's your fault--you got me started (well, restarted anyway). Maybe I should find another journal-y type avenue for this stuff that's a little more private...Maybe tomorrow.

I used to look down my nose at people who drank cola-type drinks. I used to think it was very low-brow and pedestrian. Well, I need to pluck and I'm on foot, because here I sit with a diet Pepsi and I LIKE IT.

My friend Wendi is in Europe. I have her four children at my house. I love them, but not quite like my own. I would actually like to stuff two of them in the closet until she gets home on Saturday, but I'm trying to disguise that urge by declaring everything they do or say to be FANTASTIC!

I took all of the kids (plus Joe's friend Peter, that's 10 kids all together) to the aquatic center yesterday. I think they all had a good time diving and sliding. I had a great time playing with Paige. I lined up the big kids in pairs and told them to stick with and look out for their buddies. For the most part, they did so, except for one of the closet candidates who didn't stick with his buddy when he didn't feel like it, which was roughly 3/4 of the time.

I made bread today using a recipe that requires a sponge (mixture of flour, water and yeast) that is stirred up the previous night and left to ferment until the next morning. My dear friend Julie called me tonight after dinner and we found that, once again, we are cosmically aligned--as she made bread using a sponge today, too! It was a first time for both of us. Listen to her--this is an example of why I love talking to her--"I've been watching this sponge bubble and heave and it's so comforting. Stephen is out of town and I feel like I have a friend over."

I've run out of steam. I guess it's time to give over to sleep. I just vant to be alone...Just for a little longer.

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shirbabe said...

Your insight amazes me. I'm glad you're my friend.